for film positives & negatives.

We stock a full range of market leading films available in cut sheet format.

Ideal for in-house film production for Screen, Sign Flexo and Litho printing sectors. No need for Dark rooms, Film processors or Chemistry.

Compatible with most laser printers.

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Kimolec PF-90s (Laser matte film)

A high quality special coated polyester with excellent thermal stability for use in laser printers. The direct Imaging of this film does not require a darkroom. The quality of the text and Image reproduction is determined by the laser printer in use. Recommended DPI should be 600 or higher.

A4 (100 sheets)
A3 (100 sheets)
330x483 (100 sheet

Kimodens high density spray

A high density spray used to Increase the density of film positives. Kimodens contains a special agent that refines and homogenises the grain size of the toner. This can Increase the films density to 3.5. Spray evenly on the exposed side from a distance of 30-40cm

400 ml can £18.40

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LM Matt & LT Clear Film

A 100 micron thermally stabilized polyester film. Available in both Matte & Clear. These films use a special coating for optimal toner adhesion.


A4 (100 sheets) £37.99 A3 (100 sheets) £73.87 320x450 (100 sheets) £89.59 330x483 (100 sheets) £91.79


A4 (100 sheets) £33.77 A3 (100 sheets) £67.54

Kruse High Density Spray

High Density Spray from increasing the density of film positives. Does the same job as Kimodens.

400ml can £15.34 ex v.a.t