A premium ranger of Pressroom Founts suitable for most presses and Applications including metal CTP and silver master CTP.

Also a large range of roller washes appropriate for manual or automatic use Inc U.V Inks or conventional oil based products.

Silicone, Anti-Oxidant and Ink Refresher sprays, Hand cleaners, wipes etc

We also offer Bousfiield Win Calcium Removing Gel, Win Non Hazardous Bio Hardened Ink Remover Gel and Win Meter Roller Cleaner.

The majority of Bousfield Chemicals are approved by FOGRA Including the main Press and Damping system Manufacturers.
Bousfield are a leading manufacturer of Advanced Eco-Friendly Founts and and Washes Worldwide, so if you are looking to reduce your VCO's or are Seeking ISO Accreditation, we may be able to assist you?
We look forward to discussing how these products may suite your Particular Production Environment